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Mailing List Service

Here are the steps to use the mailing list service provided by DCS.
You will need a username/password assigned to you. Contact us if you need help on this.


The basic overview of this mailing list service is a 3 step process.

  1. You login and create your message
  2. You choose what list to send your message too.
  3. Your message gets processed for your list.

Type in this address to get started: 
Now enter your username and password on this screen and click 'Enter'


Once you get logged in, click the 'Send Message' link on the right side:

Now begin composing your message.
Enter the subject and fill in the body of the message.

When you're done composing your message - click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.

Now your message is save and ready to be sent.

Next, click on the 'lists' tab and select the list to mail the message to.

Be sure the list you want to mail to is checked, then Click 'Send Message to the Selected Mailing Lists'.
Your message is now saved, and queued to send the message to your list.

Now you'll see a text link that says 'process queue'. Click this to process your message queue.

You'll see a status page like this:

When the page says 'Finished this run' near the bottom, then your message has been sent to everyone.

You're all done, logout until next time.


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