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How to use our WYSIWYG editor

If you are a website design client of ours, you may have seen our WYSIWYG Editor.

This editor will allow you to format any content in a familiar word-like way. You can manage your files on the server, upload more and insert them into your pages where you want to see them.

Below is a list of Flash tutorials to show you how to use the various features of the editor. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Watch this flash demo to see how to edit images right from the KTML interface. You can apply specific image operations like resize, increase/descrease contrast, increase/decrease brightness or compress on multiple files at once.

Check KTML's advanced file management features such as multiple file/image upload, view specific files using filters and folders mangement.

See how easy is to create image galleries using KTML. Experience the use of new features like multiple image upload or edit multiple images at once.

Take a look at advanced text editing features that helps you perform various tasks like find and replace, subscript, superscript, change a list type.

Check this flash demo to see how easy is to create links within a website, using realtive paths, external links or links to file. Experience the new productivity feature introdsuced by the Hyperlink Picker - re-use previously defined hyperlinks.

Familiarize yourself with the new KTML interface. Check on the looks of the toolbars, the property inspectors usability and the right-click contextual menus.

Demonstrates how easy si to use advanced text formatting features for online content. Use both CSS styles and basic text formatting features.

Use Word® like toolbars for basic text editing. You will no longer have to write those <bold> tags in a textarea. KTML allows you to edit HTML content in a WYSIWYG environment giving the exact preview of the edited HTML.

It has become a pleasurable task inserting and editing HTML tables using KTML. You have the appropriate support to edit borders, table headers, rows and columns, set background colors or background images. More important, you can use CSS styles to do all this work.

Check this KTML new feature: add rich media into your webpages to improve the user experience in an easy and configurable manner.

See how easy is to re-use existing webpage content using templates straight from KTML. Select the content you need for later insertions and save it as a template. The new template will be available from the Remote File Explorer.

Learn how to create professional web content by cleaning the resulted HTML code. Then make sure that no spelling mistake has been done.

Use the new KTML features to create HTML forms. See how easy is to design a contact form. Please note that the scripts that actually sends the e-mail must already exist. 

KTML works and looks the same in different browsers and platforms. Check how the same content is edited in three brosers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox.


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