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Internet Services:

Tired of paying too much for your internet services?


Think you're getting a deal on your dial-up? You may be surprised when you really compare the number to broadband.

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line:

DSL offers 'always-on' connections that do not tie up your phone line. you can surf the web and continue to take phone calls.

DSL is quickly approaching costs that rival dial-up! DSL is certainly a viable option for most people within 5 miles of downtown.

UTMI DSL - Cynergy DSL

UTMI is now offering low cost DSL to the Fremont Area.
dsl fremont cedar springs mi michigan

 Digital Core Solutions, Inc. has been asked to assist with DSL installations.
Feel free to contact us for help getting your DSL up and running!

We can help with PC repairs, networking (wired/wireless) and upgrades!
Need web site design or hosting for your company?  Ask us about the best pricing and service in  West Michigan!

cynergy communications utmi dsl

Updated News! UTMI is now known as Cynergy Communications! 
Same great service, new name. Ask us about Cynergy DSL


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